Material Of Suction Cup
Suction Cup Applications
Type Of Cartridge
Feed Pressure
Air Consumption
Vacuum Flow At 50 (-kPa) Vacuum Level
Evacuation Time To Reach 50 (-kPa) Vacuum Level
With Insert
Signal Range(-kPa)
Valve Description
Flow, Atmosphere
Min. Flow/Suction Cup Of Pump
Flow Pump/Suction Cup To Valve
Max. Leakage Of Flow
Flow Rate
Max Flow Vacuum
Description Of Regulator
Regulator Vacuum Flow
Regulator Flow
Silencer Description
Noise Level
Vacuum Filters Description
En: برداشت کارایی
Nominal Flow
Description Of Other Accessories
Signal Range(-kPa)
PMAT Description
Torsional Fluctuations
Connections Maximum vertical Bar
Connections Maximum Vertical Torque
Rotational Arms Maximum Vertical Bar
Rotational Arms Maximum Vertical Torque
Supplement Functions Maximum Flow Vacuum
Maximum Vertical Bar Of Accessories
Maximum Bar Torque Of Accessories
Maximum Horizontal Bar Of Accessories
Accessories AQR Bellows Family Blow-off Check Valve G1/8 Body For Coax Cartridges Classic H40 ClassicH120 Deep Family Ejector Electromechanical Vacuum Switches Flat Concave Family Flat Family Function Attachments Internal Filters Lab VacL VH40 MAXI MLL Pumps Family MINI L Pumps Family MINI M-L Pumps Family MINI X-L Pumps Family Mounting Bar-Welded Multibellows Family Oval Bellows Family Oval Concave Family Oval Flat Family P3010 Family P5010 Family P6010 Family P6040 Family PCC piCHIP10X piCLASSIC piCOMPACT10X piCOMPACT23 piGRIP piINLINE Pilot regulator piPUMP piSAVE Sense piSAVE onoff piSAVE Optimize piSAVE release piSave restrict piSECURE Profile Mount Ball Clamp Right Hand QR Regulators Round Pump Silencer COAX Silencer MINI/MIDI Silencers Swivel Arm-Clamp On Swivel Arm-Slide On Universal Family Universal Inductive Vacuum Switches Vacuum Check Valve VT-1H Vacuum Check Valve VT-1H Vacustat With COAX Vacuum Check Valve VT-1H Vcustat With COAX Vacuum Check Valve VT-1H With COAX Vacuum Check Valve VT-1H With COAX Vacuum Filter S Vacuum Filters Vacuum Gauge And Manometer Vacuum Pneumatic Switches Vacuum Switch 3 Color Digital Display M8 Vacuum Switch DM8 Vacuum Switch LM8 Vacuum Switch M5 Vacuum Switch Mini VS 4118/VS4128 Vacuum Switches Mini Vs 4015/Vs4016 Vacuum Switches MM8 VGS2010 VGS3010 VGS3040 VGS5010